Venus V414 SLOV-V FFP2 Mask

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Description -

Venus presents V-414 SLOV-V Microfibre Face Mask which is a NIOSH approved N95 respirator. It effectively filters more than 95% non-oil-based particles and the superior microfibre media provides protection against sub-micron particles, fine dust, water/oil-based liquid mist and biological agents such as TB, SARS and pandemic influenza. It has passed the dolomite test, which means that it resists clogging even in high dust environments. It has a flat fold style which makes it easy to store when not in use. The respirator is made using latex-free textile elastic which is skin-friendly and does not deform in high temperature. It also has an aluminium nose clip which ensures a leak-proof fit and prevents fogging of eyewear. It has activated carbon for the absorption of nuisance level of odour and vapour. The outer layer of the mask is flame retardant and protects from welding sparks. It comes with unique fit adjusters which offer optimum protection and comfort. The transparent valve clearly demonstrates the performance of the valve and supports fit verification. The stay cool butterfly vent valve provides breathing comfort and effectively removes heat build-up.

Features -

  • Made of latex-free textile elastic
  •  Aluminium nose clip for leak-proof fit
  •  Elastic fitted outside filter media
  •  Outer flame-retardant layer
  •  NIOSH approved N95 respirator
  •  Filters more than 95% non-oil-based particles
  •  Superior microfibre media
  •  Resists clogging in high dust environments
  •  Universal fit
  •  Has a flat fold style
  •  Stay cool butterfly vent valve

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