Trulon Synthetic Non-Absorbable Sutures (SN) - (Pack of 12)

Trulon Synthetic Non-Absorbable Sutures (SN) - (Pack of 12)

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Trulon - Polyamide sutures for most demanding surgical procedures. Trulon (Polyamide/Nylon) suture is made from quality material attached to variety of stainless steel needles like round bodied, cutting, reverse cutting, taper cutting, taper point and many more. These are non-absorbable monofilament surgical sutures and do not require any coating. *Only for Medical Practitioner


Synthetic, non-absorbable, monofilament suture

Low tissue reactivity

High tensile strength and lesser memory

Excellent elasticity and handling

Highly resistant to abrasion

Smooth texture for minimal tissue trauma

Trulon is a non-absorbable suture used most commonly for cutaneous closure. Due to its enhanced tensile strength, the suture does not degrade over time even in infected areas.


Cuticular and subcuticular closure

Orthopedic surgery


General closure

Micro surgery

Trulon is suitable for use in general soft tissue approximation and / or ligation. This suture is known for low tissue drag and is neither absorbed nor weakened by tissue enzymes.


Monofilament polyamide

Available in black

Non-adhering and biologically inert

Sterilized by ethylene oxide

Shelf life of 5 years

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