Owgels Oxy-med Compact Dual Flow Nebulizer – MONBZ01

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Owgels Oxy-med Nebulizer is a portable medical device designed to efficiently deliver doctor recommended medicine to the lungs. With correct usage and better care, it is possible to use this nebulizer for long term.

Features of Owgels Oxy-Med Nebulizer

  1. Efficient drug delivery.
  2. High nebulization rate ensures optimized treatment.
  3. Lower particle size which is less than 5 micron. This helps to deliver the medication effectively and efficiently with clinical accuracy to lower and upper respiratory tract.
  4. You will get a nebulizer kit which include all accessories required. Nebulizer kit is easy to clean, easy to use and dishwasher safe. Also nebulizer kit is reusable.
  5. It has four air purification procedures.
  6. Compressor produces a noise which is less than 55 decibel.
  7. Piston style compressor ensures strong pressure and flow.
  8. Durable: Cut off automatically if over heated, ensures longer life of the piston pump.
  9. It has a powerful motor which is ideal for health practice and home use. Hence continuous usage for longer period is possible.
  10. This nebulizer uses a special hepa filter which enables the performance higher.

Benefits of Owgels Oxy-Med Nebulizer

  1. This nebulizer offers dual flow. Once you connect the power adapter to power outlet, you will see a red light on the switch. If you again press it, it will turn into green and this mode indicates low pressure mode. Also this mode is suitable for kids. Now from the green light, if you again press the switch it will turn into orange colour. This is high pressure mode and more fumes will come out. Also users can switch between these two modes as per their convenience.
  2. This is a portable nebulizer and it weighs only 270 grams. You can easily carry it during your transportation.
  3. Also it is very simple to operate.

Standard Accessories Included

  1. Nebulizer
  2. Air tube
  3. Mouth Piece
  4. Filter
  5. Adult & child masks 1 each

How to Use Owgels Oxy-Med Nebulizer

Before using the nebulizer, clean the nebulizer kit properly.

  1. Place your nebulizer on a stable and flat surface. Also ensure that controls are accessible easily from your seat.
  2. Open the transparent cover and take out the accessories inside.
  3. Slowly tilt the top part of the drug chamber anticlockwise to open the drug chamber.
  4. Fill the medication in the bottom section of the drug chamber. Also ensure that cone is there inside the bottom section.
  5. Now slowly tilt the top part clockwise to close the drug chamber. Also ensure that two parts joints well.
  6. Place one end of air tube to the base of the drug chamber. Also place the remaining end of air tube to the front side of the compressor. There is an air tube connector on the compressor for this.
  7. Fix mask or mouth piece as per your convenience to the top part of the drug chamber.
  8. Connect the power adapter to the electrical plug and switch on the plug. Also ensure that, the power switch on the compressor is at neutral status and not in low pressure or high pressure mode.
  9. Now switch on the compressor by pressing the power switch on the compressor and nebulizer will start working.

Important things to consider while using

The compressor is equipped with a thermal protector. If the compressor is overheated, this thermal protector will stop the compressor automatically.  When the thermal protector stops the compressor,

  1. Switch off the power switch on the compressor.
  2. Remove the adapter from the electrical outlet.
  3. Also wait for half an hour for the compressor to become cool. Also ensure that there is no block on the air openings.

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