JMS Surgical White Paper Tape

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  • JMS Surgical White Paper Tape, most suitable for surgical dressing & for fixation of Medical devices like Intravenous tubing’s, catheters and all other medical devices requiring safe secured adhesion to skin for extended period time.
  • Better adhesion to any part of body.
  • Air and Moisture permeable micro porous backing allows skin to breathe and does not come off even wetting or bathing. Ideal for providing enhanced grip to Ostomy flange or wafer & other medical devices.
  • Special bio-compatible polymer adhesive does not cause any irritation to skin even for extended period of time ensures more safety of medical devices attached to patients.
  • Easy to rewind and easy to cut by hand makes most convenient for dressings and fixation of medical devices.
  • Does not damage the skin or medical devices when removing the tapes, ensure optimal safety of patient.

 Features (JMS Tape):

  • Microporous Hypoallergenic Medical Grade Paper Tape
  • Better adhesion to any part of body.
  • Special bio-compatible polymer adhesive
  • Gentle to the skin
  • Latex-free and hypoallergenic for sensitive patients
  • Highly breathable to maintain skin integrity
  • Holds well on damp skin for secure placement

 Suggested Applications:

  • Securing small to medium dressings especially on damp skin
  • Securing lightweight tubing
  • Securing ostomy pouches
  • Taping fragile, at-risk skin
  • When repeated taping is needed

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