B Braun Intrafix Eco IV Set (Pack of 50)

B Braun Intrafix Eco IV Set (Pack of 50)

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B Braun Intrafix Eco Premium Non-vented IV Infusion Set helps prevent air infusion and infusion-related infection, reduces work load, saves time and costs and ensures a closed system during priming. High-sophisticated, vented IV administration set with new features AirStop and PrimeStop. *Only for Medical Practitioner

Features and Benefits 

  • It is easily inserted into all types of containers. Also designed to ensure coring-free insertion.
  • Flow control Roller Clamp facilitates an easy and safe adjustment of flow rate. The suspension groove on the roller clamp prevents the luer connector from contamination.
  • Soft, elastic tubing guarantees a better flow rate, improves the drip consistency. Facilitates an easier adjustment of the roller clamp and prevents kinking.
  • Elastomeric flash bulb made of highly elastic materials to guarantee instant resealing after puncture.
  • Luer Slip connector ensure tightness when connected to vein needle/IV Cannula for increased safety in connection.

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