Accu-Chek Active Strips Pack of 100

Accu-Chek Active Strips Pack of 100

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Accu Chek Active Strips 100’s pack is an economical option for those diabetic patients, who need to test their blood sugar more than once in a day. Hence this is an economy pack for heavy users. You cannot use this strip box with other glucometer models.

Features of Accu Chek Active Strips 100’s Pack

  1. The volume of blood required for this test strip is very less. Hence only 1-2 μL is enough.
  2. With this strip, you can measure blood glucose level maximum 600 mg/dL and minimum 10 mg/dL.
  3. Accu Chek Active Strips requires capillary blood. If you remove the strip from the glucometer for blood application, then you can use blood from venous, artery, and neonates under specific conditions.
  4. You need to apply the blood on the middle of the test strip. The design of test strips are in such a way that it quickly spread the blood above that middle area.
  5. You can apply the blood in 2 ways. One is, by inserting the test strip in to the glucometer. Another way is by taking the test strip out from the glucometer. This option reduces the chances of contamination of the strip.
  6. If you are unable to apply enough blood on the strip on your first attempt, you have the option of re-dosing it. But this re-dosing should happen within the 10 seconds after the first attempt. Also this will work only when you are trying it by inserting the strip into your glucometer.
  7. You can check whether the strip is damaged or not and how much percentage it has damaged by a visual color check. There are 5 color block on your strip bottle for this purpose.
  8. When you are testing by inserting the strip into glucometer, range of Hematocrit is 20 – 55 %. This will be 20 – 70 % when you are applying the blood on the strip by taking the strip out from the glucometer.

You can use this Accu Chek Active strips 100‘s pack till the expiry date. There is no need to complete the strips before 90 days after the first opening of the strip box.

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