If You Want To Lose Weight Fast Avoid White Food Items….

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Those people who thinking about weight loss, they should follow diet rules. People increase weight only because of their bad eating habits. People who want to lose weight fast should say Good Bye to White Food Items.

White foods are rice, sugar-rich that contains high carbohydrates and starch. These items also have higher glycemic index values. These items have lack of nutrition. If these white food items are removed from the diet, the weight will also decrease rapidly. It also reduces blood sugar levels.

Eating white food items does not provide nourishment to the body and it also increases weight gain. These items are not proper digest and give excess of calories.

So let us tell you today what can be the alternative to white fatty foods items in one diet.

1. Instead of taking Maida Bread, take Wheat Brown Bread or Oats Bread.



2. Use Wheat Pasta instead of White Pasta



3. Instead of white-refined sugar, use honey or jaggery (Gud) in your daily diet



4. Instead of taking potatoes, take green-leafy vegetables



5. Avoid refined white-salt, use Rock Salt (Sendha or sindhav salt) Or Black Salt (sanchar salt).



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