Homemade Remedies For Migraine Relief Permanently

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It is common to experience headaches due to the daily routine work. But when the pain becomes a migraine, it becomes more painful. Migraine is a frequent headache in the head.

The pain only occurs in the lower half of the head. The pain can sometimes relief within minutes, sometimes for hours or 2,3 days. The patient is suffer a lot in this migraine.

What are the remedies? Let me tell you.


Ginger has proven effective in treating this pain. Drink tea with ginger when you have a headache. Or add lemon juice to the ginger juice. There will be rest immediately.


Make a paste of cinnamon powder with water. Apply this paste to the headache area and after 30 minutes, rinse it with warm water.


Drinking grapefruit juice also relieves pain. Grapes contain vitamin C and nutrients. Drink grapefruit juice twice a day when it is painful.

Massage on the Head and Neck

Stretch the throat and massage into the head to relieve the pain of migraine. Doing so increases blood circulation in the head and relieves pain.

Protection from Sunlight and Strong Light

Avoid going in the sun when there is a migraine pain and if possible avoid strong light.


Migraine requires doctor’s advice and medication. But every time there is pain, it is not possible to run to the doctor. You can get relief from pain by treating it at home.

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