Bitter Gourd Juice is Natural Herbal Remedy For Diabetes

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Generally everyone knows that Bitter Gourd (Karela) is beneficial in many ways, but being bitter taste helps many people. Apart from this, Bitter Gourd Juice is Natural Herbal Remedy For Diabetes. Bitter Gourd is a diabetic controlled insulin-like compound which is known as polypeptide P or P insulin. These elements naturally control diabetes.

Particularly in Bitter Gourd is very beneficial for diabeties. Apart from this, Bitter Gourd juice activates the body’s insulin. Due to this, the blood sugar is constantly reduced. So sugar cannot be converted to fat and deposited in the body. In this way, Bitter Gourd juice also stops the growing weight.

The patient should always consult the doctor for the amount of Bitter Gourd juice consumed per day, as each person’s body condition is different. Carefully wipe the white part of the Bitter Gourd.

Lemons and salt can be cut into small pieces for half an hour to soak in water, remove bitterness of Bitter Gourd. After that the juice can be made in the mixer.

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