20 Minutes Walking Reduces The Risk Of 7 Types Of Cancer

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Scientists have done research that the risk of developing seven types of cancer is reduced due to the fast walking of 20 minutes everyday.

This research has been published in German Clinical Oncology. In which scientists have studied over 7.5 million people.

According to the Researchers that two to five hours of physical activity per week, or even 1.25 hours to two and a half hours of intense physical exercise, reduces the risk of cancer.

20-minute daily speedy walks can reduce the risk of liver cancer by 18 %, breast cancer risk by 6 % and kidney cancer risk by 11 %. In addition, the risk of cervical cancer in women is 18 %, the risk of lymphoma by 18 %, colon cancer risk by 14 %, and blood cancer by 14 %. The risk is reduced by 19 %.

According to the study suggest that exercise can reduce the risk of cancer. Not only does exercise cause weight loss but even if a person is active in exercising and does not lose weight, exercise provides protection against cancer.

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